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Dumfries: 01387 254 304
Newton Stewart: 01671 403 157
St John's Town of Dalry: 01644 430 669
Moffat: 01683 220 010
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St John's Town of Dalry

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St Michael's Services

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Wigtown Rd Services

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Benmar Services

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Moffat Post Office

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Welcome to St. Michael’s Services

We are an independently owned and operated Local Family company who run four main convenience services in the region: Dumfries, Newton Stewart, St John’s Town of Dalry and Moffat (including Moffat Post Office). We strive to provide the best service and the best choice of quality products at a competitive price.

We are committed to: Maintaining a safe environment for all our employees, customers & contractors. The development of our people and procedures, to minimise the impact of any company activities on the neighbourhood, and to act responsibly within the communities we serve.

Special Offers

  • Jam Shed Wines

    Shiraz, Malbec  & Rose


    Only £5.99 each

  • Starbucks

    Starbucks Coffee

    220ml & 200ml

    Only £1 Each

  • Peperami

    Vegarami & Chicken Bites

    40g, 50g

    Only 75p Each

  • Andrex Gentle Clean

    Family Pack

    18 rolls

    Only £7.50 Each

  • Boxed Beers

    Bud, Strongbow & Stella

    10x440ml cans

    Only £10.00 Each M.U.P.

  • Boxed Beers

    Estrella, Heineken & Peroni

    12x330ml, 10x330ml

    Only £11.00 M.U.P.

  • Secretary Bird Wine

    As Stocked


    Half price Only £5.99 Each

  • Casillero Del DiabloWines

    As Stocked


    Only £6.99 MUP

  • Pint Packs

    Stella & Bud

    4 x 568ml

    Only £6.00 M.U.P.

  • Sensations Crisps

    As stocked


    Only £1.25 Each

  • 6 Packs

    Pepsi Max, Pepsi Cherry & 7 Up


    Only £2.50 Each.

  • Ballygowan Water



    2 for £1.75

  • Ribena

    Blackcurrent, Strawberry & Pineapple & Pashionfruit


    Any 2 for only £2.20

  • Lucozade Sport

    Flavours as stocked


    Any 2 for £2.50

  • Pepsi Max / 7 Up

    Max, Max Cherry & 7 Up


    Any 2 for £2.50

  • Coca Cola

    Zero & Diet

    1.75 Litre

    Any 2 for just £3.50

  • Boxed Monster

    Energy, Punch & Juice


    Only £4.75 Each

  • Duo Bars

    KitKat Chunky, Yorkie Original & Yorkie Orange

    64g, 72g

    Any 2 for £1.50

  • Tic Tac

    Fruit Adventure & Fresh Mint


    Only £2.00 Each

  • Grenade Shake

    Flavours as stocked


    Just £2.00 Each

  • Galaxy Choc Bars

    Smooth Orange, Salted Caramel & Smooth Caramel

    110g, 135g

    Any 2 for only £2.00

  • Rowntree Pouches

    Fruit Pastilles, Fruit Gum, & Randoms

    143g, 150g

    Any 2 for Only £2.00


  • Starbucks Frappuccino

    Coffee & Mocha


    Only £1.25 Each

  • Rustlers

    BBQ Rib


    Only £1.50 Each

  • Fresh Milk

    1 ltr & 568ml Whole Milk & Semi Skimmed

    1 ltr £1.05 / 568ml 69p

  • Fresh Milk

    Whole Milk or Semi Skimmed

    2 Litre

    Only £1.49


  • Tennents 4's

    As stocked at St Michael’s

    4 x 500ml

    Price Marked at Only £4.90

  • Tennents 12 pack

    Tennents Lager

    12 x 440ml

    Only £13.19 Each

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